Creating workplaces that truly work

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Diversity Center of Seattle

Creating workplaces that truly work.

We help organizations create diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) workplaces.

When everyone in the workplace feels empowered to thrive and contribute, good talent stays. New ideas emerge. Business is better equipped to compete in today's multicultural, rapidly changing, global economy.

The Diversity Center of Seattle supports organizations ready to build work environments that foster trust, respect and productivity that support both individual and corporate values. We're not about one-off workshops to demonstrate compliance. We're about real change.

If your organization is ready to build a DEI culture, we're ready to help.


Our mission: To eliminate discrimination & oppression in every institution and organization in the State of Washington.


Diversity is acknowledging our unique authenticity.

Equity is inviting those previously excluded to the tables of decision-making.

Inclusion is being mindful of our humanity and when all are engaged, respected, and valued.





Featuring 10 rising star local chefs; each will share their creation in a bite. The menu will WOW our guests with the variation that melds our humanity. Neighbors will participate in a unique community engagement grounded in good food, multicultural music, a rabbit petting zoo for kids, a Burien artist asking the question on roomed wall of chalkboards "what does diversity mean to you?" and an Auction. Proceeds from the evening will be equally shared by the 10 Causes.

Here are just a few of the Chefs and Causes we will be showcasing:

*Chef Melissa Miranda/Musang for FEEST

*Chef Logan Niles/Pot Pie Factory for Post Prison Education Program

*Chef Mariela Camacho/Comadre Panaderia for Green Plate Special

*Chef Emme Ribeiro Collins/Alcove Dining Room NW for Immigrant Rights Project

*Chefs Fareed & Jennifer Al-Abboud/Medzo for Refugee Women's Alliance

*Chefs Panithit Chummee/Buddha Ruksa for Care to Help Thailand

*Chef Mutsuko Soma/Kamonegi for WSU Bread lab

*Chef Killian/Killian Drake & Saturnalia for REST

*Chef Tom Douglas for The Diversity Center of Seattle/Washington

*Chef Joshua Collins/DUOS catering for One million Tampons


Our Services


We offer a wide variety of services, from an initial assessment to staff organizational development projects to board retreats, targeted and effective consulting and trainings, on and off-site workshops.

Our approach starts, ideally, with a genuine assessment of your workplace culture and/or specific issues you'd like to address.

These may include:

  • Personnel interviews

  • Discussions with staff and leadership

  • Casual gatherings at lunch time

  • Professionally moderated Focus Groups

  • Other qualitative research methodologies


In addition, DCS has initiatives for training on topics that include:

  • (dis)Ability

  • Building Inclusive Workplace Policies

  • Cultural Diversity 101

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Diversity in Thought - using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

  • Effective Dialogue

  • Diversity, conflict and communication

  • Generational Diversity

  • Healthcare Disparities

  • Intersectionality

  • Law Enforcement training with SPARQ at Stanford University

  • LGBTQ Cultural Competence in Health Care

  • Privilege and Systemic Inequities

  • Racial Equity

  • Sexuality and Gender Acceptance

  • Unconscious Bias - and a number of extensions that are specific to different areas, such as bias in hiring

  • Explore Inclusive Design Workshop

  • Inclusive Design Sprint

  • High-Performing Teams Training


We'll meet you wherever you are and then design a proposal to take you to the next level.


INCLUSIVE DESIGN (for the Tech Industry)

Reflecting the values of inclusion from the outside in, expand both customer reach and enthusiasm by making innovation and product/service development an inclusive practice.  We offer inclusive design workshops and sprints that focus on building capabilities where they matter most, in the products and services offered to customers. These workshops (developed by partners over the past 3 years) transform how teams work, giving them a unique perspective on how design, research and engineering practices can do more for more people. Building on the strengths of lean startup and design thinking methods, these workshop teach methods to focus on a fuller range of human diversity. 


About Founder Jean Craciun

 Jean Ianelli Craciun, Founder

Jean Ianelli Craciun, Founder


Founder Jean Craciun is a nationally recognized moderator/facilitator. She has decades of experience helping groups and individuals get to that next level in team building and group dynamics, emotional intelligence, social justice, and community engagement.

As a founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Craciun Research Group Inc. she consulted on full service market research projects internationally and nationally.

Jean is a sociologist and feminist. She spent 30 years as an activist mentored by infamous Gloria Steinem and Congresswoman Bella Abzug. Jean served as Vice President of The National Women’s Political Caucus in the 90s and noted in November 2018, “we could only dream of the election cycle we just witnessed with women starting to take their rightful place in the politics that impacts our daily lives.”  

As Jean's company thrived on a world stage, she honed skills in Social Marketing Campaigns consulting with USAID to train Russian sociologists on how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research. Working with Alaska Native Corporations' global businesses, she saw first-hand matriarchal leadership at its best.

Jean moved to Seattle in 2012 and believes her life’s purpose is to help women/men take decisive action to facilitate greater works by employing DEI to their daily practice. After founding Diversity Center of Seattle in Spring of 2018, she endeavors to assist clients with understanding the people issues in corporate America today. She pushes for a focus on inclusion, pay equity (comparable worth) and, as part of our heritage of white privilege, to assist in the eradication of institutional racial injustice.

Highly ethical in all aspects of her work she lives-into the motto “do no harm” at all levels of interaction working with human participants.



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